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At Home Acne Treatments

Treating acne with the purchase of over the counter treatment products can be very costly. Acne treatments are usually not cheap, and oftentimes it takes continuous use of the products to attain the clear skin you desire. If you have acne but the costs of the treatments are preventing you from eliminating acne, have you thought about treating the skin with at home acne treatment remedies? There are many remedies that may have been used by your mother, grandmother and even great grandmother, and they really work, sometimes even better than what you find on the drugstore shelves.

The best acne treatments, and best defense for your skin, is water. Adults should drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day, and more if possible. Water hydrates and softens the skin and can keep the pores open. When you drink water your skin will have a nice, vibrant glow and will help you look great no matter your age. Water will be one of the best ways that you keep acne away from your skin and a burden off of your shoulders.

Cucumbers are great for the treatment of acne, and many people use cucumber masks on a regular basis. Cucumbers work well for acne treatment because they contain antioxidants which helps deplete some of the bacteria and germs inside of the pores, and it also contains anti inflammatory properties which reduces redness and swelling.

Changing your diet is also something that can make it easier to keep your skin clear if you are not already a healthy eater.

Although greasy foods and oily foods do not cause acne, if your diet lacks the essential vitamins and minerals that it receives through the right foods, it is going to suffer and you are far more likely to develop acne. Fill your diet with green, leafy vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and fresh fruit like avocados, oranges and bananas. Avoid soda, coffee and other drinks with sugar, and reach for water as much as you possibly can.

Treating acne is not something that require you to spend a fortune purchasing drug store treatments. The above at home acne treatments are just a handful of the many options that you can perform with things that you probably already have around the house. Make sure that you put these tips to good use and acne will soon be a thing of the past.